After years of wallowing in self pity and limiting beliefs; I find myself, I find the light deep within me, my eyes are open and reality hits me. Out of this new found truth; this website was born.

                  MISSION OF ICAN

In my walk through the earth, I see that a lot of people still lead “ordinary” lives, not by choice but by ignorance, not knowing that they can be more, they can feel the love they want to feel, they can be the change they want to see in the world, ICAN is about helping people discover their hidden potentials and find a greater purpose and meaning for their lives.

                          VISION OF ICAN

The vision behind the start of the selfsupport blog is to reach as many people as possible with motivational and inspirational messages. Giving encouragement and hope to everyone who visits this website, and help people break out of the prison their minds may have put them in.