Guidelines For Goal Setting.



Hello dear friend, I trust you are having a fabulous week as I am. Good morning.


In my last post, I touched on the matter of goals, and in that post, I talked about 5reasons why you need to have goals, I rounded up by sharing a very important secret concerning goals, see Goals to read all about it.


Today I want to talk about things to consider when writing goals. They are:


1.Your goals must be specific:say for example, your goal is to get married next year. You can not just say, I want to get married next year. State the month, state the date, and work towards that.

2.Your goals must be realistic.

  1. Break down your goals into attainable achievable segments.
  2. Your goals must be attainable.
  3. You must believe in your goals and that you can achieve them.
  4. Your goals should challenge and motivate you…


Now, it is not just enough to have your goals written and meeting all the criteria of goal setting. As the saying goes, “nothing will work unless you work.” Brian Tracy said, “if it is to be, it is up to me.” So if you must achieve your goal, you must work the work. The goals won’t work themselves. Furthermore, writing goals is quite easy, it is the commitment to those goals that matter and often tend to be a challenge for most people, so after writing your goals, share them. Share your goals with people who believe in you, who motivate you, share them with your coach, share them with your mentor. Share them with people who can hold you accountable, people who can counsel, advice and help you achieve them.


Thank you so very much for reading today’s post, I will love to hear your thoughts. Till next time, God bless you and enjoy your week.


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