Hurray! It is a Monday and the start of a new week again. I want to start the week by talking to us about GOALS, before I dive in, let me share this quote I got over the weekend, it says:


“Success is not accidental, it is intentional.”


So, here we go,

Do you want to be successful,

What is the level of success you want to have,

How long do you even want to be successful for,…


You can have it all, but then as the popular saying goes, “if wishes were horses, even beggars would ride.” You cannot be successful, and have the level of success you want to have without having a definite plan of action. I have often heard people erroneously and ignorantly make the statement, “when I get there, I will cross that bridge,” an attitude like that won’t make you successful, you have to have a plan, and you have to live with intention and purpose everyday. If you wait till you get there, things would be acting on you, you will be left at the mercy of whatever comes, that is why, you must plan your day, plan your week, plan your life.


Why do you need Goals?

1.Goals give you a focus:people without goals are like the people in the Christian Bible tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. People with goals are the people in the Christian Bible who built their house on the rock, and the winds came, the rain fell, but the house stood its ground.

2.Goals help you track your progress:when you are getting lazy on your dreams, your goals are one of the things that help you stay on track and know how far and how fast you are moving.

3.Goals are like fuel:as fuel to a car, so are goals to your destiny, it just keeps you going, with every goal attained and every achievement comes the necessary push to go on.

4.Goals are strong motivators:I know because over the weekend, I had to write down some goals for my self, oh boy! The process of writing and thinking about it alone was electrifying. How much more, when I start hitting them all.

5.Goals give you direction and control: when you have your goals written down and clear in your mind, you have control, you know where you are going, they are your map, so when stuff show up that are inconsistent with your goals, you stand a better chance of handling them instead of having stuff handle you…


Before I go, let me let you in on a secret, the secret is, you must write down your goals, and you must review them everyday, because your mind has a way of connecting on a deep level with what it sees regularly and studies have shown that people who write down their goals have the best chance of actually achieving them. Thank you for reading, look out for post #11, I will talk more about Goals. Till then, remain blessed and win.



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