How to overcome self doubt.



Self doubt is a disease. It is like a cancer which sneaks into a persons body, and when not detected early, it can take root, spread, and eventually kill the host.


Self doubt in most cases begins when you try to do something for the first time and it probably fails as all first time ventures are wont to do. If you don’t have the resilience, the strong will, some source or form of motivation, you just might give it up, and let’s say you keep trying at different things and for one reason or the other, they are not working. This is one of the major causes of self doubt.


One more cause of self doubt is unhealthy comparisons. When you try to compare yourself with your peers, your friends, your colleagues, and neighbors who seem to have it all, this would also lead to self doubt. All these and more are the causes of self doubt.


The effects of self doubt cannot be overemphasized. Self doubt is the reason some persons lead ordinary lives today, self doubt is the reason why so many people today have settled for far less than The Creator ever intended for them. Self doubt is the reason why some people do not have and enjoy their dream relationships today. Self doubt has killed many dreams today. Self doubt is the reason why some people are merely existing instead of living life. Self doubt is the reason so many live in quiet desperation. They know they are meant for more, they know they can do more, they know they can be more but for some reason, they do nothing. That is how much power self doubt wields over a lot of people alive today.


So, how then can one overcome self doubt?

  1. First and foremost, as the popular saying goes, a problem identified is a problem half solved. You have to first identify what your self doubts are, yours might be different from mine, so it takes an inner searching to discover the weeds that have taken root in your mind.
  2. You have to acknowledge that you have a problem that needs fixing. This is very important, a lot of people are either too proud or too shy to admit that they don’t have all the answers, so they sit still until the virus spreads to a point where it can no longer be helped. So, you need to acknowledge your flaws, then you can be helped.
  3. Learn, study, know, and master your self. Do you know that you are a machine, a very complex machine at that, with lots of intricate parts. Trust me when I tell you this, your creator never made you small, that is why it is important that you take out time each day to know yourself. Every machine has a manufacturer’s manual, get yours and dig in. As you learn about yourself, study yourself, and know yourself, life would begin to have clarity…
  4. We are all different and unique, so you must stop the unhealthy comparisons. That persons path is not your path, find yours, know it and follow it.


There is so much more to this topic that I could share with you but space would not permit me to do so on this post. So, you can connect with me on my social media handles and I will help you break free of all your self doubts. Thank you, and till next time, stay blessed.


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