Comfort Zone 2.


Hi there dear friend and reader. I hope your day has been splendid. Yesterday I began talking about the concept of comfort zones, and I said there are two types of comfort zones, I talked about the first type of comfort zone, if you have not seen it, then, please check my previous post at Comfort Zone 1 to get the gist, then, please come back here and see the conclusion. Thank you.

2:comfort zone number 2 is the mental comfort zone, the comfort zone of the mind. As I meditated, and looked at myself in a bid to identify what my comfort zone is and break out of it, I discovered that this is the comfort zone where I belonged. This is the comfort zone where a lot of people are afraid to say what they believe, to share their thoughts, to exhibit their talents, to use their gifts for fear of criticism, misinterpretation, rejection, and even fear of failure. All this happens in the mind, an idea comes, and you’re wondering, “will this work,” “what will people say,” and all the many “what if’s.” The comfort zone of the mind controls all other comfort zones, and until you gain control and mastery of your mind, you will not have control over anything else.


So, how can 1 tame the mind to be able to break free of the mental comfort zone.

  1. Read as much personal development books as you can. For me, a day never goes by without me reading at least 3 different books, you don’t have to finish the whole book, it could just be a page, that’s what I do and sometimes when I get so engrossed in my reading, I can do more.
  2. As you read, take notes and if possible review your notes. I take my studies very seriously, so when I read, I review my notes everyday as if I would be writing an exam on it, that way it becomes a part of me.
  3. Get a coach/mentor, this 1 is so important because you can’t do it alone, sometimes I read and I don’t get it immediately, I discuss it with my coach and mentor, once he throws more light on it, it becomes clear. Your coach can be a very close friend who has the same values, principles and drive that you have, who is doing the things you would love to do and achieving the results you want to have. Your mentor can be somebody who is already doing and achieving the results that you admire and want to achieve.
  4. No matter what you read, no matter what you learn, no matter what you are taught, if you don’t do it, you will always remain where you are. You must do! You must act! This cannot be overemphasized. Mastery comes when you make a habit out of what you do.


Now to conclude, take out time now to think about what a comfort zone means to you and identify what your comfort zone is, try to identify all the beautiful things this comfort zone has brought you. Then try to identify how your comfort zone is caging you. Write down in your own words how you can break free of that cage. Thank you and till next time stay blessed



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