Comfort Zone 1.


Hello dear friend and reader, before I share the topic on my mind today, I just wanna wish you a very happy new month of September. It is my prayer that may all of your goals and aspirations for this new month come true for you. Yes, and so it is.

Comfort zones. What is a comfort zone? The term comfort zone comes from two words: comfort and zone. To put it in perspective, let us see what each word means.

  • Comfort: this is a state of being physically relaxed and free from pain…
  • Zone: this is an area or a region with a particular feature or use.

From these definitions we can understand that a comfort zone is a place where a person feels safe, at peace, happy, free and at home. Free of worries, free of pain, free from every form of stress.


After hearing people talk a lot to me about coming out of my comfort zone, I decided to think about it and identify what and where my comfort zone is. This led me to discover that there are actually two types of comfort zones, and I will be talking about these in this post. They are:


1:the physical comfort zone: this has to do with the comfort zone that you can see and you can touch. Some examples of this type of comfort zone is:your town of residence, your state of residence, your place of work, your house, your bed. Many people have missed great opportunities that would have changed their life for ever just because they were afraid to live the town they live for another, they make statements like, “I don’t know anybody there,” “that place is too rough.” They always have some thing…”bad” to say about the place or about the opportunity, that they end up talking themselves out of the opportunity. Maybe if they had looked on the bright side of things, they would have achieved far greater heights than they currently have. One of the many ways of learning is through adventure, travelling, doing those things you have never done before, taking risks and doing the things you are most afraid of.

Thank you for reading today’s post, do look out for post #6 where I talk about the second type of comfort zone. Thanks again and stay blessed.


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