Values 2.



In my last post, I touched very briefly on the matter of values. I said values are simply those things that are important, those things which we give preference to above anything else.


Another note worthy fact about values according to world renowned personal development coach Tony Robbins is, values are those things that determine where we are going, and the direction of our destiny.


Take a moment to think about that. It therefore implies, that every decision you ever make, and every decision you have ever made in your life is as a result of what you value most. This is outstanding, so if you still do not know what your values are, this should help you understand better. Look at your life, and everything you have ever done, and your values will suddenly become very obvious.


Now, how does an individual form their values, what are those factors that are responsible for what each individual holds dear.


One major source of an individuals values is the experiences that are unique to the individual. Therefore people react to different things differently, in order to avoid pain or to gain pleasure. Remember that it is our values that determines the decisions and choices we make.


Now, before I round up on today’s talk, take 5 minutes now to ponder over your life, try to see if your values are leading you where you want to be in life, if they are, then keep up the good work, if they are not, then it is very possible to change your values so that they can become very empowering for you.


To help you design the values which would empower you for life, I’d like to suggest for you this book by Tony Robbins, titled “Awaken The Giant Within.” In chapter 15 he teaches extensively on values, it would be worth investing your time on. Thank you and stay blessed


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