Time 2.



Yesterday I talked a little bit about Time, I said, Time is one of the greatest gift given to us by our creator because it is allocated to every man, equally.


Today I want to take the talk on Time a step further: Time is currency, Time is money as the popular saying goes. That is why in a business setting, or your place of work, your boss tells you, “you must be at work at so and so time, and you can only leave at such and such a time.” When you come later than the time stipulated, he takes out something from your pay, because you cost him that amount of money with your lateness, you ought to have being there at a particular time making money for him and you weren’t. Workmen/labourers whichever one you understand better are paid based on the length of time they work and their input during that time.


I believe you get the picture. So, Time is currency, and like all forms of currency, you either spend it wisely, or let me say invest it wisely, or you invest it on things that won’t last. This brings me to, you either spend your money on value/quality or you spend on…junk. Junk are those things that look shiny and beautiful on the outside but when consumed, you end up feeling…empty.


I want to help you spend your money(Time) in such a way that you will forever be grateful for, and you can only know to spend your time on values when you know what your values are, so take a pen and paper now, and take the next 5 minutes, writing down all of your values. Once you have done that, you now know where to channel your Time.


If you do not know what your values are, have no fear, sit tight and look out for post #3. Till then, keep investing your time wisely.

Thanks again for reading today’s post, God bless you.


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