Time 1.



Time is one thing that is allocated to every human being equally. We each have 24hours, 7days of a week at our disposal. I believe that time is the greatest gift given to us by the Creator.


Unfortunately, not many of us recognise that, not many of us appreciate that, not many of us utilize the greatest gift given us. To help you understand it better, do this little exercise before you continue reading. Take a minute to think of someone you used to know who is no longer with you, it may be a friend, brother, lover, spouse, or father, anyone. Try as much as you can to remember them vividly, how do you remember them? What picture comes to your mind as you think about them?…


That is how important time is to and for us. Some day, you will be gone too, I will be gone too.


This simple exercise if you did it will help you evaluate your life, it will help you determine where you currently are, and where to start from. How do you want to be remembered, when you walk into a room, and walk out, what do you want the people to say, what impression do you want to live on the minds of people every time they think of you, and remember you?


The clock is ticking, and it is not too late to start arranging your life to align with the picture of you want to project to your world.

Thank you for reading today’s post. Till next time, stay blessed.


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