My Yesterday Experience.

It is not in human nature to always be happy. As a matter of fact, most people feel it is wrong or out of place to “just be happy.” Most people feel for you to be happy, you have to have gotten something really nice and lovely to feel happy for.

It is in the nature of humans to worry and fret over things, over yesterday(past), today(this moment), and tomorrow (the future). We are constantly trying to work things out, trying to get something out of something, it is good, but it is wrong to do so at the expense of your happiness.

What You Can Do.

I actually intended making posting this blog last night but was unable to due to some constraints. During my meditation time yesterday, I suddenly found myself laughing, I was alone, and that moment of laughter got me thinking.

I realized that for quite a long time now, I have never had a down moment, I find myself feeling more happy, more at peace, more excited, more…wonderful! I do have my challenges but never again do they control me. For me it feels like I am no longer in this world because the world and it’s challenges don’t move me anymore. I could go on and on talking about how I feel and live now but not today.

You too can have the same story, you can come over to my world, there are no laws holding you back on this side. You can choose to be happy every single day, anytime you want irrespective of what goes on around you. Take out some time now to read my previous post Relationship is the key.and come back and get the remaining steps.

Step 2 therefore will be:

  • Practice gratitude: I found out after a year and some months that this is one secret that skyrockets my feelings, emotions and happiness every single time.
  • Practice positive self-talk: Do not join hands with the world and it’s systems to affirm over you any thing that does not serve you.
  • Practice Faith/optimism: Always be expectant of something good, something beautiful, something nice. What’s the use beating yourself up over anything that worries you or hurts you.
  • Take your worries off the pedestal: Make your happiness your number one priority…
  • Choose daily to be happy: You have a choice, and you are solely responsible for how you feel, for your emotions. Say this everyday, “I choose to be happy, I choose to laugh, I choose to smile. Nothing can take my joy, happiness, and peace away from me.”

When and if you can do these, you would live and walk in levels of joy, peace, love and fulfillment more than you ever imagined.

Thank you for reading today’s blog, I love hearing your thoughts and feedback. Happy New Month to you all, happy second 1/2 of the year. I love you all and till next time God bless you.



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