Manufacturer Manual

Hello to my wonderful subscribers and everyone who is reading this post. A happy new month of February to you all, may it be filled with love, light, and peace for you. It’s been quite a while I posted anything on here; I have been trying to add some cool stuff to the website; am still working on it though.

I want to share with you today, something I have been meditating on all week, I could not keep it to myself, so I thought, why not go and share this light with the world. So here I am clicking away and sharing my thoughts, my love and my light with you.

I have seen people go through life, living in quiet desperation, thinking about what could be, they wonder why everyone else around them seems to have it all together, but not them; so they wake up every new day wondering why they are alive, what their purpose is, and trying to find a meaning for their lives.

Some people even dread waking up in the mornings, because it is almost like the struggle never stops. They feel like they are moving in circles and do not know how to come out of it. They want their lives to be better, some even want to help make the lives of other people around them better, but they just can not find the way.

For most people, after years of endless struggle; they resign themselves to fate and just give up. They give up on themselves, they give up on their goals, aspirations, dreams, and ambitions. For some of these people, when they hear words like am about to share, they just shake their heads and say, “well, it’s easy for him to say…” and many other funny remarks.

I know because I was there once, everything I talk about today, my purpose and mission are the results of the stories of my life, so I go about sharing the light I found to all. I have been there, and I found the way out.

I want to share with you something I read at the beginning of the week, it made so much sense to me that I had to just pass it on; and if you feel stuck, then you need to hear this.

“But whoever did want him, who believed he was who he claimed, and would do what he said, He made to be their true selves, their child-of-God selves.”~John:1:12(MSG).

Are you trying to find yourself, are you trying to find meaning for the life you live. Are you trying to understand your purpose, you do not need to continue that struggle, and you do not have to keep moving around in circles. The answer you seek is in that verse of scripture.

Look at it this way, the electronics in your apartment came with a manufacturer manual, the machines everywhere around you all have a manufacturer manual, without the manual; most highly sophisticated machines would not be properly operated and their potential would not be fully optimized.

You will get frustrated trying to handle the machine, and even end up destroying it if the manufacturers manual is not read and followed. The same can be said about you. The scripture above talks about the Word(Manual) of God, which was made flesh…

If you want to find your purpose, the first thing would be to:

  1. consult your Manufacturer(God).
  2. get a Manual(Bible)
  3. learn about your Creator, He knows everything about you, and in learning about Him, you learn about your self and find your self.

It is really that simple, as the truth about who you are gets revealed, the next steps you need to take would be unfolded. Do give this a try, it worked for me, I can’t wait to hear you share your amazing results with me when you have done this.

Thank you for reading today’s blog. Please sign up for my email newsletter here->, I’m currently working on a book, you would be the first to get a free copy when you sign up and other cool stuff I’m working on. Until next time, God bless you and have a great weekend. I Love You.


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