The Weapon In You.

Hello everyone, it is 11:16am on this side of the globe as at the time of writing this blog; so good morning to you. I believe you had a great night rest and you have been having a fabulous week.

Today, I want to talk about weapons and tools. We all are aware of various weapons that exist. Weapons basically are tools or materials that are used for either inflicting damage or even for self-defense. All through time, the various nations of the world have developed various types of weapons for different purposes.

We are all too aware of the various types of weapons that exist and what their influence has been on mankind and the world in general. But there remains a weapon that many have not yet come to identify as a weapon, not to talk of using it as such. It is the greatest weapon ever made, it is the greatest weapon that exists yet on the surface of the earth. Like all other weapons, it could be used as a weapon of mass destruction or as a weapon of self-defense…

This weapon or tool is the weapon of the “Mind.” The mind is so powerful, and so deadly I dare to add, it is capable of accomplishing things way beyond the imagination of man. Your greatest weapon is your mind, depending on how you make use of it; you can either make or mar your life.

All weapons need an ammunition to work, unless maybe for less sophisticated weapons. The ammunition your mind needs and requires are the type of things you feed your mind with, the seeds you sow in your mind. The type of ammunition you put in would determine the effect it will have on you.


All the weapons made by the different nations of the world have been used in one way or the other against the nation that made it. Your mind is no different. If you keep downloading the wrong stuff into the database of your mind, you will end up with a lot of corrupt files, corrupt files are of no use to anybody, they often lead to system breakdown.

To further illustrate the power of your mind, take a look at every weapon, and tool made by man, it came from a man’s mind. Take a look around you, whatever resource and utility there is today; came from the mind of a man. My best story of the Bible, the story of creation, when God was creating the earth, the Bible says, “He called forth things that were not as though they were.” from His mind.

The beautiful thing about that is that God made us in His own image.

“Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to be like us…” ~Genesis:1:26(NLT).

That is the most beautiful thing about you as a person, you are exactly the way God is, so you can create just anything you want. You just need to feed your mind with the right data so you can produce the right results. The degree to which you develop your mind is the degree to which it would work for you or against you. You are limitless!

“If we don’t consciously plant the seeds we want in the garden of our minds, we’ll end up with weeds.” ~ Tony Robbins.

Thank you for reading today’s blog, until next time; God bless You.




featured Photo by Thaddaeus Lim on Unsplash








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