The Virus.

Unfaithfulness is like a virus. When introduced into a healthy system; it does damage gradually to the system if not found and eliminated immediately. In my opinion; nothing can replace faithfulness. Once loyalty is broken even for a tiny little bit, it is almost always impossible to rebuild or regain.

I have seen relationships and happy marriages go down the drain when the virus was introduced. Businesses quickly fail when businesses are not faithful to what they promised to deliver or even if business partners go about working against the greater good of the business.

Have you noticed that once employees begin to complain about their employers, they get sloppy in their duties, this sloppiness reflects in their output and ultimately the output of the business. If you are not too busy trying to fix the effect and focus on the cause, you will find that the cause most often than not is the virus of unfaithfulness.


A person who solely runs his business and is not faithful to his business cannot have mastery in chosen field of business and therefore would not last in business. A person who has written down goals and made resolutions, unless he remains faithful to his goals would find himself in a constant struggle.

There can be no exceptions when it comes to being faithful, loyal and committed when it comes to achieving your goals and ambitions. As the experts say, one exception is all you need to crash all your efforts. The funny thing about this virus is, when it gets introduced, it feels perfectly normal until the damages start setting in.

If you want to succeed at anything, you must commit yourself wholly to it. Success comes through mastery and mastery comes when you commit and are faithful to whatever you have set for yourself to achieve.

“Everything you need in your life is within your reach, go for it with all you’ve got!”

Thank you for reading today’s blog; till next time, God Bless You.


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