What You Say

             What People Say

One thing that stops many from actually starting off on their goals and ambitions is what someone else said, I have seen relationships crumble just because one partner listened to gossip from someone else. I have seen people miss out on great, life changing opportunities because of what someone else said or told them about the opportunity or themselves.

I have seen good businesses fail because of bad counsel or information received. I have seen young people get involved in vices that ultimately ruined their lives because they listened to what people say. I have seen people’s emotion fluctuate because of what someone else said, I have even seen people lose their freedom, their peace of mind and their happiness because of what people say.

Maybe someone told you; you are not good enough, maybe you were told you don’t have a right to be happy, maybe you were told you have gone crazy talking about your goals and ambitions the way you talk about them or you have been called a fool or been laughed at because of what you do and how you carry yourself…


             What You Say

One of the lines in a song by a popular musician here in my country says, “if nobody talks about you, then you’re nobody.” So you need to know that people around you will always have something to say to you and about you; no matter how nice you think you are or how good you are. Criticisms sometimes can be healthy but then, you don’t need to base your life on other peoples words concerning you.


Your life is your own and you need to start knowing how you can take decisions based on what’s best for you, you need to cultivate the habit of waking up every morning and bombarding your mind and your self with words that motivate you, encourage you and inspire you. For every negative or foul word someone fires at you, have a positive replacement for it that empowers you.

The power of words cannot be overemphasized, a very good example I always use is in the story of creation in the Bible, it amazes me how God went about creating beauty and all the wonders of the earth out of chaos and nothingness, the part I love most is when after each of His creation, He certified it as being good.

Every success story you hear today started off with words, it was spoken and then it came into being. You too can do the same. What you say concerning you, your goals, dreams and ambitions goes a long way to determine what shows up in your reality. So why not start today and say all the right things about you; about your family, about your health, about your relationships, about your business and everything that concerns you.

Some may say it is delusional but for me, I choose to constantly tell myself those things which make me feel good about myself, feel more confident, feel inspired and motivated than listen to someone constantly tell me all the things that could possibly be wrong or go wrong about me and the things I value and care about.


Thank you for reading todays blog, until next time; God bless you!


featured image by Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.


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