The Genius

There is no such thing as genius. Often times when you try to talk big about your self and about your dreams, goals and ambitions, it’s just almost like no one gets it, it’s like you are the only one who seems to know what you are talking about and what you see and getting someone else to see the same picture or image you see(in your mind) is impossible or just difficult.

This reminds me of the biblical story of Joseph, son of Jacob and his brothers, how he kept seeing in his sleep that his brothers would bow to him, I can imagine how he approached them with eagerness and anxiety to tell them what he kept seeing every time he closed his eyes.

I also have a vivid imagination of you calling that person you so believe in and you feel like, “this one is my friend, we have been friends for long, he/she would certainly believe me and understand me when I tell them about my goals and ambitions.” Or it’s a family member you really look up to and after you tell them they just don’t get it and maybe you feel like “what just happened?”

Trust me, Joseph in bible days whom I was talking about earlier felt the same way. How about names like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and other pioneers of old times we hear and read about today, the “geniuses” of old times, I’m quite sure they had their fair share of opposition and betrayal and someone not believing in them when they were just starting off on their inventions.

Once upon a time, I used to take rejection so personally and so badly I would end up for days, weeks maybe even a month heartbroken, frustrated, and depressed. I remember I just could not get how anyone could not see that I was so talented and so gifted and so intelligent that they could not believe in me.

For me back then, this was some kind of judgment, if these people I looked up to did not believe in me, then definitely; I must be less, I am not as good as I thought I was. There was a problem with me and they could never accept me, my goals and ambitions could not happen.



The above preceding two paragraphs was me at a time in my life, no kidding; it’s not something I just made up. Maybe you feel as I felt some years ago and you have given up on your self. I need you to know that it doesn’t have to be like that, whatever limiting beliefs you have about your self is not true and you are not alone.

I believe that a man is only defeated when he accepts defeat. Your friends, your peers and neighbors whom live the lifestyle you so dream of and imagine are not geniuses. I am going to share three tools that I have used and have worked for me, from the book Awaken The Giant Within, it is a book by Anthony Robbins, I just keep picking it up everyday and going through the notes I made while I was reading the book.

I thought I should share what I have learned with you. Three key things you can start doing today that will bring out the winner in you.


1.Raise your standards: Every single person you see out there that has an organised life has a standard they never break, it is like a code they live by, this might seem like a huge task at first but then here is where discipline comes in. You need to discipline your self.

2.Change your limiting beliefs: I think every human being at some point has a limiting belief about something, an astrologer friend of mine told me once that I was sabotaging myself with my limiting beliefs, I didn’t understand, I had to look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary and it hit me. It is time to start asking yourself what negative believes you have about your self and start fixing them one after the other.

3.Change your strategy:Here is how I changed my strategy, I identified some patterns of behaviour I had which weren’t serving me and started working to improve them. I changed how I approached people, how I communicated my ideas, how I reacted to occurrences around me…; and every day it just keeps getting better.

The difference between the successful and those who fail is in their habits.

There is no such thing as genius, it’s just a matter of the decisions you make, your choices and the work you put in towards achieving your goals. You too can be a genius.


Thank you for reading my blog, I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas and till next time, God bless you!


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