My Story!

I used to think life was a struggle, I used to think there had to be something really wrong with me. I used to think nothing good could ever come out of me… For people like me; it was so easy to think and feel this way. It was easy to feel worthless, inadequate, helpless and inferior.


I guess the only good thing then was having a mind that loved adventure, that loved to wonder, explore and try every new thing I saw and heard. This led me on a journey, a journey for self discovery.


I refused to just accept that life was a continuos struggle. I had to find out how others did it, what made others happy and “successful.” As kids when we returned from school at the end of a term with a poor score card, my dad always asked, “those who did better than you, do they have double heads?”


You might think, that’s far and harsh, but for me and my siblings, it was a call to action. So even now, I ask myself the same question. Anthony Robbins in his book “Awaking The Giant Within,” talked about the power of asking the right questions, I never understood the power of questions till I read that book.


On the quest for self discovery, I have learned that only I am responsible for how my life turns out. I have learned that I hold the keys to unlocking the fulfillment, happiness and success that I seek. I have learned that I am the artist and whatever I choose to paint is what I will see.


Suddenly, I understand what the Bible was talking about when it says, “I shall have what I say,” I understand when the Bible says, “I can do all things…” Now I know that “Anything is indeed possible…”


Maybe you feel the way I used to feel, you have the fears I once had. It does not have to be that way. Within us all are tons of potential, the creator never made any man less, inferior or worthless. You are not here to just live and die, you are here to continue the work of creation and within you lies the power and the potential to do that.


If you remember nothing else, just remember that you are unique and anything is possible, and till next time, PEACE!


Your comments and thoughts are always welcomed.


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