Winning Through Service.

I lie down on my bed, trying to get some sleep. I toss and turn unable to fall asleep. My mind keeps meditating about something I saw on a sticker at my family house. It has always been there, I have always seen it since I was but an infant but it had never made so much sense as it did to me the last time I saw it.

So tonight, I get up, walk up to my computer and start typing as the thoughts and words flow through me. I am like a man possessed by something alien to me, I know little of what’s happening but that my mind is working, thoughts are flowing through me, my fingers are typing, I am mouthing the words as I type.

As a young boy, I have always thought, dreamed and hoped of making some kind of impact in my world, touching lives, adding meaning to people’s lives. I could not just sit by and watch somebody in pain, no matter who they where, where they were from or even if they had wronged me not so long ago. I have always had this “soft spot” for people.

At a time I thought it would be so impossible. Come to think of it, with my young mind I thought, what could I possibly do that could really make any difference, I had no name, no fame, no title, no money.

As I grew up, I began to learn that I didn’t need any formal education to make an impact in the world, I didn’t need a title, I didn’t even need all the money in the world to do it. I learned that I could use whatever I had to make an impact, a real positive impact if I have the determination and love for people.

Often times we go through life trying to win at different things, finding fulfillment and happiness. I learned that real happiness and fulfillment comes when we serve, when we add value to other people’s life. We want to be great, we want to be happy, we want to be fulfilled, the quickest way to have these is by giving away that which we have to the service of humanity, as the Bible says, “give and it shall be given you…”

The teacher Jesus was once asked by his disciples who was the greatest in the Kingdom, his answer was putting up a child in front of them and saying whoever humbles himself like the child is the greatest in the Kingdom. On another occasion, he tells them, the greatest is he who serves others.

Take a look through time, look at the big names we hear every day, from Einstein to Thomas Edison coming down all the way to present times, Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy and so many others win in their various ways by serving others, sharing their gifts and potentials with others.

So you see, the best way to win in this life is not by trying to be better than someone else, out-do or out-smart someone else, run down or destroy someone else but by constantly improving yourself and sharing that potential with the world.

Do you want to impact the world, do you want to make a differnce in your community, do you want to be a voice for those who have no voice or who are not being heard, here at the aiafoundation , that opportunity is given to join hands with others who have the same drive and vision as you do.

I can, You Can, We can!


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, please do leave them below, thank you and till next time, PEACE!


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