It all begins when a child is born, as the child grows, parents, loving and caring as they always are have a set of rules laid down by which they want the child to follow as he grows, “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” They say. Society on its own has it’s own set of dogmas and code of conduct that one must follow. So often times a child grows into a man diligently following everything he/she has been taught from home, school and society.

Amongst the things being taught to young children are things they can and cannot do, along the line so many disempowering and limiting beliefs are picked up. In my culture, you dare not even challenge your parents, teachers and elders if you feel something they said is wrong, just nod your head, be a good boy and move on.

In the book, “Awaken the giant within,” Anthony Robbins says, “once you stop asking questions, you start dying and you keep yourself in a cage.”(paraphrased). And this leads us to…

               THE EFFECT

We have being told what we can and cannot do, what to think and not how to think, you know really think independently for your self without having anyone judge and condemn you for thinking the way you do.

Due to the programming from childhood by well meaning parents, elders and society, many have grown up thinking and believing that there are really some things which are “impossible,” words like, “I can’t do that,” “it’s hard,” “life’s hard…” gets used more often.

There’s this quote I saw once, about how many have relinquished their power by thinking they do not have any. And one way most of us do this is by giving voice to feelings of inadequacy, fear and uncertainty.

             TAKE IT BACK!

You can take back your power. If you feel like you have no power, you feel so because you have never tried exercising it. Here’s a quick example, suppose you are thirsty, and there’s a cup of water on your table, not until you move to that table, grab the cup, lift it to your lips and take a drink, the thirst wouldn’t be quenched, you would never have the feeling of being able to do that. The way to know you have power is by using it, do that thing you have always wanted to do, face that challenge head on, ask yourself questions, look for new strategies to tackle the challenges that overwhelm you.

When you use words like, “I can’t,” “it’s impossible,” and so on, you give your power to that which you acknowledge is impossible for you. Remember, “by your words, you will be judged and by your words, you will be justified.”

I know because once upon a time, I used those words, I had those same feelings of inadequacy, until I began to learn a new way to talk, think and act. Take back your power, learn to use words like, “I can,” ask questions like “how can I make this work for my greater good,” instead of questions like, “why me!” When you talk like this, it’s not magic, but watch how you feel and how better things can really get, fast.


Within every single human being created by God are tons of potential waiting to be discovered and unleashed…


Do leave your comments and thoughts below, I would love to hear from you.








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